We are passionate about improving the environment through the adoption of more efficient technologies. This extends through everything we do. Making things better, pushing engineering forward and improving the world and the environment around us.

Internally, we are committed to a carbon neutral status by 2040. Although we are tenants, so limited in influence on energy sourcing, we have chosen to base our offices at Sci-Tech, Daresbury. The campus is internationally-recognised for world-class science, innovation and enterprise and has a strong commitment to sustainability. The campus energy mix includes solar panels, heat pumps, insulation, LED lighting and electric car charging points. Within our business, we are committed to reducing waste through the recycling of packaging and paper. We also have converted the majority of fleet cars to electric or hybrid-powered models and are comitted to switching all over before 2030.

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ESG Policy

Olsen Actuators are suppliers of highly efficient and clean operating electrical components. Many of the applications Olsen supplies are replacing hydraulics and pneumatics with associated leaks and harmful fluids/chemicals.

This Environmental Social and Governance Policy (ESG Policy) (the Policy) sets out the aims and commitments related to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues of Olsen Actuators. The Policy applies to the Board of Directors (the Board), the Management Team, staff and contractors at Olsen Actuators.

The Board is responsible for updating and approving this document. The Management Team is responsible for its proper implementation and reporting to the Board. This policy was prepared by Olsen Actuators and approved by the Board.


ISO 14001 Standard

Olsen are working towards accreditation to ISO 14001 and is committed to working within this or the applicable equivalent standard.

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Biodiversity and Habitat

Olsen’s aim is for its activities to have minimal impact on the surrounding biodiversity. Where possible it will improve biodiversity and will actively mitigate and monitor the impacts of its activities, whether positive or negative. Where necessary and possible Olsen will investigate and complete adaptation and mitigation measures to support these aims.

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

Olsen’s aim is to understand the future risk and opportunities of climate change on its business and the community within which it operates and where practicable will conduct and integrate climate risk studies into its operational decisions. Where necessary and possible, Olsen will investigate and complete adaptation and mitigation measures for climate change. Olsen will engage with its customers and suppliers to consider the role it can play in the resilience of the urban environment to catastrophe or natural disasters.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The nature of Olsen’s activity positions it on the low end of the environmental impact spectrum, including some positive environmental impacts of its product range. During the operation of Olsen’s manufacturing processes, focus will be placed on the efficient use of power. While we are limited in individual action as a tenant of the Science Campus at Daresbury, we are vocal champions of the conversion to renewable energy sources on-site, and welcome future developments, regardless of disruptions.

Olsen has the ambition of reaching net zero carbon by 2040, or to align with the emission targets of those jurisdictions to which it is subject.

Pollution and Environmental Impact

Olsen commits to continual assessment and reduction of the impact of the business both on-site and away from the office. Within our business, we are committed to reducing waste through the recycling of packaging and paper. We also have converted the majority of fleet cars to electric or hybrid-powered models.

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Olsen aims to ensure the sustainable use of water resources within our office.


Olsen aims to support its operators and suppliers in reducing waste generation and diversion of materials to landfill. Where applicable, Olsen itself will reduce its waste generation and work with its suppliers to improve recycling and reuse efforts.


Olsen intends to minimise air, light and noise pollution where necessary and possible. It will engage with its operators to further support this aim.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Olsen will ensure a sustainable supply chain, selecting materials based on their environmental impact and increasing resource efficiency. Where possible, this will focus on using locally sourced materials, reducing transportation requirements for material delivery and considering the embodied carbon of the development.


Labour Standards

The Board, the Management Team and the main service providers will ensure that all employment engagements are subject to the employment laws and practices of England & Wales. Olsen does not condone or tolerate the use of child labour and modern slavery and will pass this through to its engagement with its suppliers. Olsen will implement such checks through its due diligence and procurement processes.

Our Modern Slavery and Anti-Bribery policies can be downloaded here:

Modern Slavery

Anti Bribery

Employee Engagement

In our internal operations, we are committed to a safe, inclusive and fair working space for all of our employees. We believe strongly in a collaborative style and that every voice and role is valuable. Regular team meetings, both as part of smaller teams and also involving the whole company, engineer togetherness and teamwork. This is no lip service commitment either. This style of work ensures feedback from every facet of the business is heard and understood, enabling us to operate more efficiently and fulfil our customer's requirements to the maximum.

Work/life balance is incredibly important to us. We have a combination of full-time, part-time and sub-contracted staff working from home, on the road, or in our friendly office. All staff have health care coverage to help maintain a healthy body and mind. We have mental health first-aider both in the office and on campus. Online mental health care is also provided 24/7 through our healthcare provider.

Product training is essential as new additions to the range, and new advancements in technologies and industries, mean we cannot stand still or leave anyone behind. All staff are invited to training events with regular courses being taken online or at supplier HQs around the world. Recent trips have included Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the US.

In addition to a friendly, welcoming office, we also like to ensure the team ethos is strengthened through team days out. These trips have ranged from hovercraft racing to a Crystal Maze adventure!

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Equality and Diversity

Olsen wholeheartedly believes in the value and importance of equality and diversity and strives for broad diversity across directors, management and staff. Olsen actively monitors diversity statistics across its workforce and will look to partner with organisations to improve diversity in the digital sector.

Health and Safety ISO 45001

Olsen are working towards to ISO 45001 for Health and Safety and is committed to working within this or the equivalent standard. Olsen has recently appointed an internal Operations Manager who is accountable for ensuring that the standards are understood, adhered to and reported on.

Olsen has an objective of zero accidents and has put in place a series of Health and Safety measures and training which are monitored and discussed periodically in Board meetings to identify improvement areas and prevent incidents. This extends across employees, contractors, supply chain and, where applicable, the community.

Local Community Support

Olsen aims to promote development in the local community by not only supporting the technological advancement of the area but also hiring local people from diverse backgrounds, highlighting its commitment to the community.

Olsen will continue to work with local social enterprises, schools, colleges, and local universities to promote entrepreneurship and digital skills. Olsen has supported numerous students over the years, from year-long placements to assistance with PhD funding.

Stakeholder Engagement

Olsen is committed to engaging with and fostering strong relationships with relevant stakeholders, these include local communities, contractors, operators, and customers. Where possible, we will also look to gauge customer satisfaction. We have conducted a customer satisfaction survey and will repeat that at least annually, and have developed a stakeholder management plan which sets out how we plan to engage with all relevant stakeholders. We monitor feedback scores and comments on a weekly basis from customers and actively engage with them to monitor any dissatisfaction and assess how we can make the customer experience better.


Governance Processes

The Olsen Board has an active role in Olsen’s sustainability drive and supports the continuous improvement of its ESG decision-making. Olsen adheres to and subscribes to its shareholder-responsible investment practices, including those set by its investors.

Olsen believes in an open, transparent, and safe working environment and recognises and supports whistle-blower protection. Olsen will ensure that any engagement with lobbying groups is aligned with our climate change and other sustainability commitments as well as our shareholders’ corporate commitments.


Olsen operates internal processes to eliminate fraudulent activity including a purchasing process which requires 2 points of approval for all purchases and the expenses policy and process which requires line manager approval and account approval for all employee-incurred work-related expenditures. Our customer due diligence policy

Executive Compensation

The Olsen Board includes a remuneration committee which meets as required to approve compensation matters. Shareholder approval is required for a number of reserved matters including the approval of employee packages which exceed a certain threshold.

Fiduciary Duties

Olsen and all its Board members are compliant with the highest anti-corruption standards and do not condone or tolerate unethical behaviour at any organisational level. Olsen has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery. This applies to all levels of the organisation, particularly when dealing with public officers, including contractors and subcontractors. Olsen has a zero-tolerance approach to Money Laundering activity, and tax evasion and operates rigorous financial controls to support this policy.

Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Olsen ensures it meets statutory data protection and cybersecurity requirements. As a supplier to defence and aerospace primes, Olsen understands the importance of upholding strong data protection and cybersecurity measures. It, therefore, integrates data protection and cybersecurity requirements throughout the asset lifecycle from due diligence through to operation.

Olsen Actuators has obtained a Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance.  Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats. This scheme ensures both Olsen and our customers are protected against a whole range of cyber-attacks. Further reassurance that your projects and data are safe with Olsen Actuators.


Olsen is committed to good corporate governance driven through transparency and supported by annual external audits. This would include approval of donations which are proposed to be made which might be construed as having a political beneficiary or aim.

Its Board directors agree to share any information which may result in a conflict of interest for Olsen, and all Board directors have presented to the Board a form in which they notify all other positions held in other corporations.

Sustainability Governance

Olsen control systems include approvals involving the Management Team, main service providers and staff as well as a monthly control on financials.

ESG is integrated throughout Olsen’s activities, with the board having oversight and final decision making upon ESG policy. The role of ensuring Olsen abides by this policy is delegated to the Management team and contractors and sub-contractors involved in Olsen projects.

If you have any further questions or would like to see our policies and procedures in other areas, please let us know.

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