Olsen Actuators introduces the new Unimotion CTL Linear Unit. With a built-in high-performance motor drive, it offers an ergonomic design and compact form with no compromise on speed, acceleration and reliability.

Unimotion CTL Linear Unit & Motor

  • Fast = 5 m/s

  • Low Profile

  • Compact

  • Design Excellence

CTL linear units are the latest addition to the Unimotion linear range, now available in the UK through Olsen Acuators. The CTL is a linear unit with an integrated linear motor. High accuracy is achieved by using precision linear guides while the motor enables high dynamics. They can be equipped with optional energy chains, specifically suitable for highly dynamic and low-noise applications. Linear units are backlash-free and compact dimensions and different motor lengths cover a wide range of applications.

Precise Repeatability

The combination of linear motor drive and measurement system offer a repeatability precision level up to ±0,001mm.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to the innovative relubrication system the CTL linear unit offers low maintenance costs and a long lifespan.

High Speed

Using an innovative Unimotion linear motor drive enables the unit to achieve speeds up to 5m/s.

High Acceleration

CTL units offer the highest acceleration among all Unimotion linear units of up to 90 m/s2.

Simple Relubrication

An easy-to-access central lubrication system enables fast and simple lubrication of the guiding system through any of the two lubrication ports.

Dust Protection

The special protection system design ensures that the linear unit is always perfectly sealed.

Protection Cover Tensioning

The innovative tensioning solution offers perfect alignment of protection cover even at long strokes and high acceleration.

IOT Connectivity

Using the optional Unimotion IOT module enables compatibility with Industry 4.0.


Working with a wide variety of companies of all sizes across a diverse range of industrial segments, Unimotion develops Industry 4.0-enabled products and systems with leading quality, performance and value. Engineering, Production, Construction, Warehouse and their Research & Development department can all be found under one roof. With years of experience and a consistent focus on automation technology, the innovative CTL Linear Unit helped them win the German Design Award in 2022 and means you can trust the quality of their products in both performance and quality.

Olsen Actuators have the experience and technical expertise to help you size and design the perfect solution for your application, just get in touch with our friendly team!

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