High Torque in a Compact Package

Brushless servo motor technology from Exlar® provides high torque and a small package size. Available in 60 to 180 mm frame sizes with 1, 2, or 3 stack lengths in 8 pole configurations, these compact motors pack a powerful punch.

Standard configurations include:

  • 115, 230, 400 and 460 Vac; 24 and 48 Vdc
  • Oversized output shaft
  • Brake option
  • Feedback configurations for nearly any servo amplifier
  • IP65 sealing standard
  • Custom OEM designs available

Maximum Motor Performance

The innovative T-LAM™ segmented lamination stator design increases power without increasing size. Each segment contains individual phase wiring for maximum motor performance. Robust insulation, high coercive strength magnets, and complete thermal potting are integrated to create a more powerful and efficient motor. The design yields 35 to 70% more torque from the same size package. Also, T-LAM designs feature Class 180H insulation and UL recognition.

Other Brushless Servo Motor Advantages

  • Flexible design suitable for a wide range of applications
  • IP65S environmental sealing standard
  • Feedback configurations for most servo amplifiers
  • Sealed anodized aluminium housing for rugged durability and long life
  • Multiple frame sizes with standard metric mounting dimensions
  • Custom shafts, mountings, stators, and housing materials available
  • Durable, highly robust design that’s low maintenance
  • Compact & efficient design above 90% 
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