We understand the demanding requirements of motion control equipment in hygienic environments. Olsen Actuators' range of Georgii Kobold stainless steel servomotors and geared motors are specially designed in Germany to EHEDG hygienic standards KSY-HD/KSG-HD. The requirements for producing food and pharmaceutical products are very high to guarantee reliable consumer protection. These requirements must also be met by all components used during production. For areas with stringent hygiene requirements, Olsen's range of stainless steel servomotors, from Georgii Kobold, are a new, hygienically-designed series of stainless steel servomotors, which can also be supplied with integrated servo controllers.

Depending on the zone in which they are placed, our servomotors and torque motors have specific, wash-down specifications for the material and their surface finishes. In demanding, process-integrated areas, for example, aggressive and efficient cleaning agents and disinfectants are possible, and these can be applied with pressure washers to allow cleaning in place (CIP). Via Olsen, Georgii Kobold can also offer customised products to meet your specific requirements, just get in touch with Olsen's experienced, highly qualified team to discuss your project today!

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