Mil-Spec Ready Integrated Servo Motor and Actuator

High-quality precision ground roller screw for longer life

Direct drive first patented in 1993

Ideal hydraulic fluid power replacement

Powerful and robust,

Very High Dynamic acceleration 

Compact size

+100,000 units in the field

Integrated Motor Actuator Offers High Performance and Long Life
GSX Series integrated motor actuators integrate all the advantages of Exlar® roller screw and T-LAM stator technologies to create powerful and robust solutions with long life. The specially designed roller screw mechanism efficiently converts electric motor power into linear motion. Planetary rollers, assembled around the extending rod, follow threads that are precisely machined on the inside of the actuator’s hollow rotor.

Heavy Loads, High Speeds, Long Life
This innovative design of the GSX actuators produces smooth, accurate and programmable linear motion that is precisely synchronized with the armature rotation. Additionally, the roller screw’s larger contact surface accommodates heavier loads at higher speeds, resulting in a much longer life.

  • Other Advantages
  • Integrated brushless servo motor and linear rod-style actuator in a single compact unit
  • Designed for closed-loop servo systems
  • Sealed housing for extended life and minimum maintenance
  • Configurable for use with almost every brand of servo drive
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