Hydraulic Press Replacement
The FTP Series high force electric press actuators were designed to provide very high force in a small package making them an ideal alternative to hydraulic cylinders. Based on planetary roller screw technology, it offers force density not attainable with more common ball screw based electric actuators, up to 15X the life and 2X the force density in most cases.

Programmable and Accurate
Attaining any kind of accuracy with a traditional hydraulic solution requires complicated servo valves that are difficult to set up and need frequent adjustment for optimum performance. Once set, a changeover to a different part or mode of operation is equally as troublesome. The all-electric FTP Series utilises commonly understood servo motor technology, offering accuracy, control and flexibility not available with hydraulics.

Reliable and Efficient
The FTP Series high force electric press actuators allow machine builders to meet the ever-increasing performance demands of their customers while minimizing or eliminating the maintenance issues and downtime associated with traditional hydraulic solutions. Their programmability and flexibility significantly reduce changeover time between production runs enabling smaller batch sizes, and they consume 25% less energy than a typical hydraulic solution. Increase your operational efficiency today by switching to the FTP Series.

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