Integrated Servo Motor / Actuator for C-Gun, X-Gun, or Pinch Weld-Guns systems

  • The programmability and precision of electric actuators
  • Power density, durability, and form factor of hydraulic actuators
  • Seamless integration with KUKA (KRC4 & KRC5), ABB, Comau, and Fanuc robot controllers as well as Bosch Rexroth and Festo 7th axis drive controllers
  • Environmentally sealed for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Built-in mounting features for adaption to a variety of weld-gun configurations
  • The GTW actuator is “lubed for life” and requires no downtime for maintenance when used in a typical welding environment*

*Assumes 30 million weld cycles when operated within published performance ratings and recommended full-stroke re-lubrication cycles.

GTW Series servomotors/actuators integrate with weld-gun robotic systems, Pinch, C-Gun, or X-Gun! These actuators have built-in mounting features for adaption to a variety of weld-gun configurations as well as robotic interfaces enabling quick and easy hookup. Offering 15x longer life than the ordinary ball screw and 3x the power density means the GTW Series actuators will last for over 30 million welds under typical weld profiles. 

Maximize Life | Minimize Maintenance

Unlike traditional roller screws and ball screws that disperse lubricants during operation, the unique inverted roller screw design keeps lubrication where it is needed the most, increasing the life of the actuator and avoiding the downtime needed for periodic re-greasing. With a simple bushing and seal on the smooth extending rod, abrasive particles or other contaminants are prevented from reaching the actuator’s critical mechanisms. This assures trouble-free operation even in the harshest environments. The premium seal and wiper design further increases the life of the GTW Series actuator by preventing contaminants from entering the screw system.

Exlar Actuation GTW Solutions

Improves Throughput and Efficiencies:

  • Over 20 million welds
  • Long-life of actuators translates to less downtime
  • Force repeatability of ± 50 N, improving quality resulting in less scrap and less destructive tests
  • High-speed actuator resulting in over 25 welds per minute*

 *Under typical welding conditions

Seamless Integration & Compatibility:

  • Connectorisation to match amplifier specification, including interfacing with leading industrial robots enabling quick and easy hookup
    • KUKA, ABB, Comau, and Fanuc robot controllers as well as Bosch Rexroth and Festo 7th-axis drive controllers
  • Built-in mounting features for adaption to a variety of weld-gun configurations
  • Integrates with C-Gun, X-Gun, and Pinch systems
  • Modular design allows for ease of bolt-on in-field customization

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