Olsen Actuators introduces the Electric Encoder™ line of capacitive absolute rotary encoders patented by Netzer Precision Position Sensors. Their line of robust and reliable Electric Encoders includes either analogue and digital, standard or customised, high-performance absolute rotary encoders which are suitable for applications including Aerospace & Defence, Harsh Environment, Industrial, Medical and Automotive applications. 


  • Accurate Absolute Position
  • High Resolution
  • Smooth Speed Control
  • Low Temperature Drift


  • Low Profile
  • Hollow Shaft
  • Floating Rotor
  • Low Weight & Inertia


  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Shock and Vibration Tolerance
  • Tolerance to EMI / RFI
  • Immunity to Magnetic Fields


The Electric Encoder’s unique hollow-shaft contactless structure meets the minimum possible space requirements and enhances reliability by eliminating degradation and failure mechanisms. The advanced Electric Encoders' accurate position-sensing and high-end features make them a leading sensor for integration with modern motion control applications, meeting the most strict requirements.

The technology of Netzer’s Electric Encoder™ is easily adaptable to meet the stringent requirements of space missions. Either through the modification of COTS encoders suitable for the new “commercial space” applications, or by a turn-key design, based on common modules, to meet the more traditional space missions requirements.

Absolute Rotary Encoder for Space Applications

There is a range of characteristics and requirements for space encoders that differ from each space application to another as well as from the expected mission duration. These include:

  • Radiation Resistance, specifically TID and Single event (krad or MeV units)
  • Type of electronic components either space-rated or commercial
  • Low out-gassing requirement
  • Resistance to extreme temperature range
  • Leaded Vs unleaded soldering
  • Specific test and production procedures

Two Types of Netzer Space Encoders

The past experience and track record in developing and manufacturing of space encoders in accordance with ESA and NASA standards enables Netzer to offer two distinct types of encoders for space missions.

1. Designed-to-spec encoders (turnkey)

For space missions requiring to withstand up to 100 krad you can find turnkey design solutions by using modules from existing or previous space encoder designs and using or modifying them as part of the new design, thereby reducing risk, schedule and NRE costs.

These modules include:

  • The basic size of the encoder, i.e. its outer and inner diameter, which dictate the size of the stator and rotor plates
  • The radiation-hardened electronic circuitry which can be either analogue or digital (and its associated FW)
  • Any encapsulation or housing, if part of the requirement

2. Modified COTS Encoders

  • Most COTS digital and analogue encoders can be modified for LEO (Low-Earth-Orbit) space missions
  • These encoders are modified for LOG (Low Out-Gassing) values, however, are still using industrial electronic components which are adequate for exposure up to 10 krad. Therefore, if required, additional shielding is to be implemented as part of the application

Harsh Environment

Netzer’s Electric Encoder™ meets the requirements of most harsh environment aerospace and defence applications. The absolute rotary encoder’s contactless core, with its holistic structure, is extremely durable and resistant to vibrations and shocks. The low profile and hollow shaft structure suits compact, high-density designs, and can withstand both extreme cold or hot temperature ranges while providing an accurate position feedback.

Industrial Automation

The highly compact and low-profile design of the Electric Encoder™ family is a perfect fit into the demanding design of robotic joints and multi-axis accurate automated machinery. It can be used for position feedback while enabling the passage of leads through the hollow shaft, as well as for optimising the commutation of frameless motors.

Medical Robotics

The Electric Encoder™ family is inherently immune to magnetic fields and surgical energy, easy to integrate and offers a cost-effective, precise, and reliable position sensor to be used in the design of medical robotics, medical machines, and other automation applications. As a result, our encoders have been selected for several ISO-13485 certified surgical robotic applications.

If you have any further questions or queries, just get in touch with Olsen’s friendly and experienced team.

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