Mil-Spec Ready Integrated Servo Drive, Motor and Rotary Actuator

Industry-standard MIL-DTL-38999 connectors

T-LAM brushless servo motor

High-pressure seal, high load bushing, and rod scraper integrated within an easily replaceable faceplate

Stainless steel main rod

Absolute positioning control electronics

High-quality precision ground roller screw for longer life

Direct drive first patented in 1993

Ideal hydraulic fluid power replacement

Powerful, robust, rugged.

Very High Dynamic acceleration 

Compact size

+100,000 units in the field

The SA Series of electromechanical actuators with integral motor and controls were designed specifically for the most extreme conditions when significant downtime is a serious cost. They offer absolute position control with an integral multi-turn encoder allowing for precise positioning. These advanced actuators are suitable for a wide range of applications including autonomous vehicles or robotics applications.

Rugged and Reliable
Designed to meet stringent environmental and emissions standards, all SA Series actuators are built with corrosion-resistant coatings and materials, and environmentally sealed to protect against ingress from dust, sand, blowing rain, and humidity. In addition, they are tested against harsh EMI/EMC standards for better reliability than other electromechanical actuators on the market. Migrate to electric with confidence knowing the SA Series is every bit as rugged and reliable as the hydraulics they are designed to replace.

Advanced Technology
Committed to delivering a robust solution, SA Series actuators were developed with voltage enhanced IVB60 technology. While the input range of 18-32 VDC is standard, the actuator is able to convert internally up to 60 VDC to deliver maximum output. The SA Series is optimised with BPF24 brake technology for reliable operation even with the wide input voltage range. A manual drive comes standard on the SA Series as well, allowing the user to drive the load in case of power loss. These advancements are specifically designed to assist in field applications where autonomous technology is used or where reliability is a must.

Industries & Applications
Successful applications for our SA Series intelligent electromechanical actuators include ramp lift and lower as well as arm elevation. We have extensive experience in selecting the right product and/or system for your most challenging applications. Our representatives can provide guidance to optimize system performance, eliminate premature wear, and ultimately reduce costs.

  • Autonomous vehicle or robotics applications: • End effector rotary or linear motion • Arm elevation or azimuth
  • Vehicle externally operated systems: • Antennae deployment • Tow/winch operation • Ramp lift/lower
  • Driver-assist technology: • Armored door assist • Heavy-duty hatch open/close operation
  • Field deployed mast or radar systems: • Elevation • Precision positioning
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