Olsen Actuators introduces ThinGap, a leading provider of high-performance, zero-cogging slotless motor kits for applications requiring smooth motion, precision actuation and deep integration. With an emphasis on thin stator coils, optimised magnet rotors, proprietary modelling and process capabilities, ThinGap cogless motors offer a high torque-to-weight ratio coupled with a large aperture and low profile. With two standard product lines, the TG and LS Series of motor kits, along with modified-standard and custom, application-specific designs, ThinGap offers a wide range of sizes, powers and form factors for demanding applications across Aerospace, Defence, Medical and precision industrial markets.

Key Features

  • Smooth Movement / No Cogging

  • High Accuracy & Linear Output

  • Large Through-Hole

Aerospace, Defence & Space

ThinGap’s USA-made three-phase, permanent-magnet, Brushless DC (BLDC) motor kits are zero-cogging and high-efficiency, making them ideal for mission-critical Aerospace & Defence programs. Applications such as gimbals, Satcom, and LEO satellites’ attitude control systems define motor performance by smooth motion, a lack of jitter, a highly linear output, and a wide range of speeds, in addition to being lightweight, efficient, and reliable.

ThinGap’s highly-engineered, patented motor technology is the basis for its TG Series’ high-speed, high-efficiency performance as used in Reaction Wheel Assemblies, and the LS Series’ high-torque, lower-speed precision movement is perfect for multi-axis gimbals. To serve the Aerospace & Defence market, components must utilise low-outgassing materials, have a Space-flight heritage, and be able to support stringent program requirements. Since 2015, ThinGap has shipped thousands of Space-grade or MIL-STD capable motor parts for use in commercial satellites, military and commercial aircraft, defence systems and flight-grade NASA programs.

Large Through-Hole

The thin nature of ThinGap’s wave-wound stators and use of Halbach array rotors allows for a large through hole relative to the overall diameter of the motor, in many cases as much as 70% of the kit's outer diameter.


  • Space rating
  • Application specific designs
  • Hall-effect position sensors
  • Carbon fibre components
  • Fibre wrapping for magnet retention
  • Weight and cost-optimised designs
  • Environmental enhancements
  • Redundant stator windings
  • Direct-drive assemblies with encoder
  • Optimised generator designs
  • Extreme high powers (100kW+)
  • Water-resistant, submergible kits
  • Requirements for M&P lists, onsite source inspection, and burn-in testing
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