Olsen and ESI Motion bring you the Nova servo drive. A COTS-designed product specifically for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) motion control applications.

The NOVA servo drive is developed specifically for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) motion control applications.

  • Peak Current: Up to 5 A (per axis)

  • Output Power: 100 W (per axis)

  • Weight: 0.458 kg

This extremely small, lightweight, dual-axis controller is one of the few COTS servo drives for high-performance space applications (operating in vacuum and high-vibration environments) on the market today! A radiation-tolerant version is available. The safety-critical Nova is based on DO-178C baselined software, which can be tailored to your requirements. Nova is equipped with EMI & inrush protection, brake drivers, and is packaged in a ruggedised case. 


  • Radiation tolerant (Optional)
  • Light-weight
  • Dual-axis configuration
  • Sealed, shock and vibration-tolerant construction
  • Torque, velocity or position control
  • Configurable, user-friendly GUI with integrated oscilloscope feature
  • Motor types: DC Brushless
  • Feedback: Resolver
  • Customisation - current ratings, custom ports, connectors, firmware and more.


  • Bus Voltage (DC) 28V
  • Peak Current up to 5A (per axis)
  • Output Power 100W (per axis)
  • Efficiency >95% (full load)
  • Operating Temperature – 40°C to 71°C
  • Maximum Electrical Speed 75,000 RPM
  • Weight 0.458kg
  • Size 10.16cm L x 8.89cm W x 4.83cm H

Compliance (Flight Units):

  • Software Design Assurance: DO-178C Option
  • IPC-610 Class III High-Performance Assembly
  • Electromagnetic Interference per MIL-STD-461:

o    CE102

o    CS101

o    CS114

o    CS115

o     CS116

o     RE101

o     RE102

o     RS103


  • Environmental qualification per MIL-STD-810:

 - Random Vibration (X, Y & Z axes): 4 Grms, 20 – 2,000 Hz (0.40 g2/Hz)

 - SRS Shock (X, Y & Z axes): 60 to 600 G’s, 100 – 750 Hz. 600 G’s, 750 – 10,000

  • Electrical power characteristics: MIL-STD-704F

Customisation Available

  • Custom Ports
  • Firmware 
  • PWM Frequency changes
  • Mechanical modifications/repackaging
  • Development and integration services
  • Design and build cables & harnesses
  • Design and build custom solutions
  • Custom software protocols & firmware
  • Full program design and development support

Olsen Actuators and ESI Motion have the expertise to customise a solution for your project’s needs. Instead of taking an off-the-shelf product and having to customise in house, let Olsen and ESI do the heavy lifting and adapt your drive to your specific project's requirements, nothing is off the table. Just let us know, and we will work with you to engineer a solution.

Contact us today at info@olsenactuators.com to see how we can tailor a solution for you.

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